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Finding growth and healing through presence

Welcome to my website! Here you can find all the information on the different practices I offer, upcoming events and how you can work with me.

I strongly believe that cultivating a connecting with yourself and your body and integrating past experiences on a physical level, is the starting point in creating a life of meaning and the freedom to create the life you were meant to live.

The Practices

Talking about trauma, self-development or ways you like to improve your life is only one part of the process and often lacking the results you are looking for. The body and physical practices need to be a part of the process in order to create an embodied change or sense of healing.

Through physical practices like TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises), Yoga, FRC (Functional Range of Movement Conditioning), breathing exercises, Constellations, and cognitive therapy I offer you holistic ways to release patterns and tension that no longer serve you while building resilience to respond appropriately to the experiences life offers you.

Suze is a wonderful Yoga teacher, if not, one of the best I know, because every class, she makes you reach another level. With her, every practice you learn something new and she always makes sure you do it correctly. After every yoga class with Suze, I walk out with a big smile.

Ronja - Yoga Student



You can join me weekly for a Vinyasa, Slow Flow or Yoga Nidra class.

Experience new ways to move your body and bring awareness to those parts that tend to be forgotten. Increasing your range of motion, functional strength and controlled flexibility, allows you to experience a new sense of embodiment and empowerment. Feeling present and grounded in your own body.


Life offers us a full spectrum of experiences. Some are full of joy and comfort, but unavoidably some are stressful or traumatizing.

Through one-on-one sessions I offer a holistic approach that includes the body and offers tools and practices for your daily life, allowing you to not just get past adversities, but to actually learn and grow from them. To create a life of connection that allows you to thrive.


The workshops, retreats and trainings give you the scientific background behind the practices. You get to immerse in a 1 or multiple-day experience where the practices come to life through new insights and knowledge. You will leave with an embodied experience of the theory offered.

Yoga & Trauma Continuing Education Module

28-30 August 2020
CoolYoga, Dortmund - Germany

In this module, Suze brings yoga and Psychology together and explain the way tension and trauma settle in the body. She will approach this through the nervous system, the fascia, and specific muscles and how these systems relate to each other.

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