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‘We are just catching and releasing what builds up throughout the day It gets into your body and it flows right through your blood.’

Matt Simons


Due to COVID-19 all sessions are offered online. All practices are very suitable for online sessions. For more information, just send me an email!

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TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises)

TRE®, founded by Dr. David Bercelli, is a practice that allows you to release tension through the nervous system by activating the tremor response that we all naturally have as a mechanism to release built-up tension.

Our nervous system is designed to respond to stress and build up tension, but also to release it and bring the body back into a restorative state. When this balance is disturbed due to traumatic experiences or long-term stress, tension can settle in the nervous system, keeping you in a state of activation and tension.

TRE® activates the tremor mechanism through a series of simple exercises after which you come into a relaxed position as the body releases. Working through the body, TRE® moves past the rational brain making it unnecessary for you to know or understand what you are releasing. The effects of TRE® or profound and after 3 -5 guided sessions, you can make the practice part of your home practice.

For more information on TRE®, visit TRE® Nederland or TRE® International

Yoga Nidra

Just like other forms of Yoga is Yoga Nidra an ancient Indian practice. This deep form of guided meditation allows you to enter a trance state in which the subconscious remains active while the rational part of the brain goes to sleep. In this trance state, the parts of the brain related to the integration of experiences, visualization, and creativity become more active. The practice can be of great support when healing from trauma or stress, working towards new life goals, or when you want to improve sleep patterns.

I offer Yoga Nidra sessions inspired by the teachings of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli; senior teachers and founders of The Yoga Nidra Network.


You can join me every week for a Yoga Nidra class The Conscious Club. This group class is open to all levels and consists of 2 yoga nidras and pranayama (breathing) exercises.

For Yoga Nidra workshops and trainings, you can have a look at the event schedule.


The Holistic Therapy Sessions combine different practices based on your needs. The first session is always a 90-minute session which includes an intake. Following sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes, based on what we work on in the sessions.

All prices include 21% VAT


'Suze is a true (yoga) teacher. With her intelligence, wisdom, and sense of humor, she brings you back to essence; the present moment. Her down-to-earth mentality works for me as one of her best medicines to experience life as it is; nothing more, nothing less but still beautiful when you can expand your consciousness and feel you are part of a bigger plan. Suze helps her students with yoga, TRE and conscious conversations to reconnect with that inside spot of love and compassion. 

Karlijn Visser - Founder of Holistik


TRE sessions are best booked in a set of 5 sessions, giving you the foundation needed to continue to use the practice for yourself.

The first session is always a 90-minute session, which includes the intake. The following sessions are 60-minute sessions.

You can have an in-person session in Amsterdam, or book an online session via Zoom.
All prices include 21% VAT

Recovery & Therapy

No matter how much you talk about your experiences or rationally understand it all, this does not always translate to feeling different and being able to move on.

This is why a holistic approach that includes the body and offers tools and practices for your daily life, is needed to truly allow you to not just get past adversities, but to actually learn and grow from them. To create a life of connection that allows you to thrive.

Holistic Therapy

Through more than 10 years of studying, practicing, and offering these different forms of therapy, I created an experience-based and embodied knowledge of the practices from where I can share and apply them in the most constructive way. In my experience, the combination of TRE, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Asana, meditation, constellations, and coaching, is extremely powerful yet accessible at the same time. These practices enhance each other and heal on all levels.

In the therapy sessions, we combine the different practices and apply them in a way that suits your specific needs.


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